Quick N Dirty Gfx Samples



Day to day, I work with several mainstream rendering APIs.  All rendering APIs more or less do the same thing but in different ways.  When you are working in DirectX11 for a while and then switch over to OpenGL Core, you may forget how to do certain things.  At least I do. Therefore I write quick and dirty sample apps in various graphics APIs that accomplish one main theme.  By having a handful of these sample apps around, I can quickly refresh my memory as to how to use the API. As the page name implies, these graphics samples are intended to be quick and dirty. They aren’t meant to be production quality or optimized.  Memory will be leaked. Scratch that! Memory will be flooded! There will be little to no error checking. The samples are meant to be short, simple, and sweet.  These samples are intended to act as a guide to get a graphics engineer up to speed with a graphics API that they are already somewhat familiar with but haven’t worked with recently.

DirectX 12



OpenGL Core

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